Maintaining Fitness

girl jogging


The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity 5 days per week for proper cardiovascular health. There are many activities that will help you achieve this goal, but here are a few of our favorite:


Running has for a long time been the go-to cardio exercise for average Americans. While running on a treadmill can seem like a painfully boring way to spend your time, there are actually other ways that can be more enjoyable. Trail running can be very thrilling, just make sure you have the right gear for running through the woods. Hitting the track is another way you can make running enjoyable. A good set of track spikes will help you get the best out of your track workout.


Getting on a bike is a great cardio alternative for people who have trouble with their knees or arthritis. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that will help you log your 150 minutes a week without wearing out cartilage. Just make sure you have a proper helmet to protect you incase of a fall. Also, you may want to consider snap-on cycling shoes.


If bicycling is a low-impact cardio activity, swimming is no-impact. Being suspended in the water prevents extensive damage to joints while working out. While most people swim at clubs, swimming can be done for free in most bodies of water. Just make sure not to swim in something with too strong of a current. Getting outfitted with the proper swim gear will help out immensely. Having goggles, a swim cap, and proper swim suit will increase your efficiency in the water.

Weight Lifting

While cardio is necessary to keep your blood flowing and heart healthy, you will also need to lift weights to keep your muscles, bones, and connective tissue strong. While most people may picture a bunch of huge body builders in an old school gym when they here weight lifting, that doesn’t have to be the case. Lifting a lower amount of weight with more reps will achieve the same results.


If you are intimidated by the thought of weight lifting at a gym, you may want to consider purchasing some of your own equipment and starting up a home gym. Some of the most common pieces of equipment are dumbbells, a benchpress, and weight machine. Whether you workout at home or at the gym, you will probably want a quality set of gloves and weight lifting belt to protect your hands and back.


There are many weightlifting programs out there, and most will be very beneficial in helping you bulk up. Some of our favorites are 5×5, German volume training, FST-7 training program, upper/lower split training, and full body workouts.