Our Favorite Sports

people playing baseball

Team Sports

Team sports have been an integral part of the average American’s life for decades. By the time a kid hits middle school, they are usually involved in at least one team sport. Team sports are great for many things other than just staying in shape. Team sports help to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Here are a few of our favorite team sports:


Baseball has long been America’s favorite pastime. While not the most fast-paced or exiting sport to watch, it still can be very entertaining. Players on offense need equipment such as a bat, helmet, and cleats. Players on defense will at very least need a glove, unless they are a catcher, in which they will need protective padding. There are many pieces of training equipment available as well, including pitching machines, bat weights, and pitching targets.


Basketball is one of the most exiting sports to watch, but it is even more fun to play. If you are thinking of getting involved, you will at least need a good pair of shoes, a basketball, and a hoop. Although you may want a net, a backboard, or even an in ground basketball hoop.


Sundays during the fall usually hold a special significance in the average American household. Watching their local teams compete for a chance to win in the Super Bowl is a huge deal. Most families even have their own game of football on thanksgiving. If you are considering doing the same, you will need a football, a flag football set, or possibly even a set of football pads.


One of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is an extremely fun sport. Most people who desire to play a game will need a soccer ball, as well as a soccer net. If you would like to do drills, then drill cones may be needed.

Solo Sports

While team sports have their own merits, solo sports do as well. Being able to compete solo teaches practices such as focus, competition, and poise. While participating in a solo sport means you don’t have any teammates holding you back, it also means the results are on your shoulders alone. Here is a short list of some of our favorite solo sports:

Table Tennis

Table tennis, otherwise known as ping pong, is a sport that can be enjoyed by professionals and people who have never played before. Many households have a ping pong table in their basement to entertain guests. If you are interested in getting into table tennis, you will need the right equipment including a table, paddles, and ping pong balls.


Archery is one of the few sports that does not require the participant to be in excellent shape. It is more about focus and practice. Competitors will need a bow, arrows, and a target to practice on.


Boxing is one of the most primal sports out there. While it may seem somewhat barbaric to swing at another person, it is about more than just fighting. Being good at boxing requires stamina, skill, and strategy. There are many pieces of equipment used in boxing, including boxing shoes, hand wraps, and boxing gloves. As well, practice requires a speed bad and a punching bag.


While tennis can be played solo, it can also be played with another teammate. While many think this is only a sport for rich people, it can be played only with an inexpensive tennis racket and tennis balls. Although, you may need to purchase a tennis net to play.