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Welcome to Sports and Fitness Magazine, The Experts on all things sport and fitness related. We have put together a collection of articles and blog posts that will help you on your way to fitness. Whether you are here to find out which foods will help you achieve the best athletic performance or which cleats will give you the best traction on the track, we have you covered.


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We cover a wide variety of sports in this online magazine. We have information about team sports such as Basketball, football, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and more. We also have information about solo sports such as running, archery, track & field, tennis, pickleball, table tennis, golf and more. You may be interested in our gear recommendations, or our tips for better performance.

We also have reviews to let you know what equipment will give you the best edge in your competition. For example, we reviewed the best in ground basketball hoops so you can get your home court set up right. We also found the best ping pong tables under $300 in case you are interested in playing table tennis on a budget.


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As addicted to sports as we are, we are equally interested in fitness. Staying in the best shape possible has always been a huge interest of the sport and fitness magazine team. We cover fitness topics such as running, biking, swimming, diet, exercise, and more. If you are interested in weight lifting, you may be interested in our review of the best home gyms.